Monday, October 3, 2011

The Habs are a caricature!

Tony...your Hab Super Heroes...Max Pac, Pleks, AK46, PK, Go Go Gomez, "Old King Cole", Mighty Mouse, your little Captain are, in realty, cartoon characters.

The League has it in for the Montreal Canadiens ha, ha, ha! Shanny decided to use Campoli as an example of where he made a mistake...maybe "we" get a break this year...

You guys are going 0 and 2 to start, no three pointer in Tranna to start either.

Canadians need to get tougher. Not fighter, "Big Fella" tough, gutsy go hit 'em back tough...Hal Gill is too gentlemanly, Price for a big Goal Tender does not defend himself well, it goes on and on through out your line up...

Your prognostication of a Division Title is so far off the mark that I submitted your name to THN (Tranna Hockey News) for a top job with them.

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