Thursday, October 20, 2011


If you are paid $4 mill and two thirds of the time you play like a 550 what are you really worth?

If you are an experienced offensive DEFENCEMEN and you have a goal scored on immediately start to play "Kitty Bar the Door" which you are ill equipped to play...What are you really worth?

Ping Pong, darts, golf, hockey is you play too long at a high level and your hand/eye starts to slip...What are you really worth to the team?

Rest Mr. Gonchar, make FilippĂ© and Phillips as your 5-6 pair...PLAY THE KIDS!


  1. Nik:

    So much for Phillips mentoring Cowen, and Gonchar mentoring Erik and Rundblad! No sense poisoning the kids. Trial by fire! They gotta learn.

    Do you pair one defensive guy with one offensive guy (i.e. Cowen with Rundblad, Erik with Lee), or go all defence (Cowen with Lee, and the Swedes, versions 1 and 2)?

    Personally, I don't know which of Gonch or Kuba I would bury in the press box. One seems totally disinterested, and the other is a glorified pylon.

    Who ever is the defensive coach (is it still Richardson?) should show the kids how to fill the seams - too many shots are getting through. Work on positioning, positioning, and more positioning. Right now it's "chicken with the head cut off" defence - chase, chase, and chase.

    Hate to say it, but Pronger (dirty SOB) put on a clinic last game - that's how it's done - nothing flashy, just effective. In the right place, at the right time.


  2. JL

    EriK and DaVid were, are and will be a pair. Let us let Jared and Brian show $4 and #4 how to play position defence.

  3. Erik and Rundblad could be an exciting experiment.

    I have always wanted to see Phillips with Cowen. Maybe it's just nostalgia for the Phillips/Chara years, but I think Phillips can still be effective with the right chemistry.

    Lee and Kuba scares me though.

    I say send Kuba to the press box if you can't trade him for equal salary or buy him out, keep Gonchar for the 7th D as a PP specialist, and bring someone responsible up to play with Lee, at least until Carks is back.

  4. Anyone and Kuba scares me to tell you the truth...

  5. Oman:

    Phillips and Cowan...OK but Jared plays left defence and dishes to #4 for the panic break out...

    I know we are playing Paul's Detroit system but I don't like it for us, we are not good enough yet the kids are having trouble and the "Old" boys are too slow.

    Both DaVid and EriK are deliberate enough to bring it out the old way..."Together under control!"