Saturday, October 1, 2011

We like Shanny in New York!

Imagine a Leaf, a good player, getting a two game suspension (one vs Ottawa) to start the season.

In the circle the wagons, old boys club of Tranna, where a behind the scenes power play of leaked threats and innuendo for the first time in hockey history didn't work...(the Smith on Smith hit.) What are the Leafs going to do without the extra PP and the odd free goal!

Brendan, you stay in your studio, fortress New York with the Big Boss, them Tranna guys have trouble with those E-mails to Gotham City.

In fairness to the GMs (the Numbskulls), some of them are phasing out the "Big Fellas". Man that looks bad when you have a one punch KO like that shot a night ago.

 A recollection...a  kid from Hawkesbury, a fairly big defenceman, challenges me to a fight at center ice for no good reason, then dances around and prances right into a full right cross...I broke all of the  small bones in my right hand...went to the training room and was sick to my stomach...he was out before he hit the ice...nose completely's a terrible feeling both ways!

How soon we forget...that's how it all ended for Joe Palooka...


  1. Right on Shanny! I love the videos.

  2. Oman:

    I was just thinking about you (your position on the game), Shanny is in a unique position where he finally can ignore the back sliders (Read old GMs), the guys who say one thing in public and then behind closed doors demand a reversion to the old ways.

    As Shanny says: "Show me...or shut up!" I hope they don't run him off, there is already rumblings...listen closely to that old school teacher Maclean...

  3. You gotta stop watching those "tranna" guys talk on Sportsnet Nik. You could count their combined IQ on two hands!

    And yeah, I've always maintained that if they effectively policed the game, which Shanny is trying to do with incredible transparency (love the videos), we don't need the thugs. Instead we'll be left with the kind of fights that Shanny himself got into once in a while (the real ones).

    I like UFC, and I love hockey. But despite what cabbage head and others say, I don't want them to become the same sport. Hockey is not, and should never become a combat sport.

    You pass the puck, you shoot the puck, you try to get it past the goalie. You check your opponents to try to get the puck, but you're not allowed to smash their heads or their faces. If you do, you get in trouble.

    Pretty simple if you ask me...

  4. Oman:

    Ya, it self fladulation listening to Hockey Central but I wait till mid-night and just scan it.

    A good clean "body" check on a guy about the same size as you, should rattle you almost as much as it did the other guy...that was the way you showed your team mates how tough you were.