Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Game 10.

One in one out!





#93 sits for one game with #5.

Bryan and the Coaches get one more look @ #24 between Nick and Alfie and they get one more game to think about Mika.

Money talks...

Mika makes $1.775 mill. DaCOSTA makes $1.325 mill. That is $3.1 mill of Eugene's money (Like we usta say playing golf, that is not "Air Money!")

They don't talk about or publish depth charts very often anymore but believe me it's the number one sheet on top of Bryan Murray's clip board.


  1. Nik:

    You're making a big assumption that Alfie is back next game.

    With respect to Z-Bad, I don't know anymore. He's playing pretty sound defensively, seems to have the coach on his side. He takes the body when he can. He can skate with the best of them. BUT, he hasn't produced much offensively.

    Is it the case of a kid who doesn't want to make a glaring mistake (playing it safe)?

    Frenchie can't showcase anything playing on the fourth line (seems like the team was dressing two fourth lines last night).

    The defence seems to have stabilized itself for now. Impressed with how confident Cowen is with the puck - rarely makes the wrong play - keeps it simple - effective.

    Also love the "Smart Newfie". He's like a tank out there - people hit him and they fall down. Great puck retrieving. Not afraid of being in front of the net either - being rewarded on the power play. Responsible for the easiest goal Spezza has ever scored.

    My 2 cents worth.


  2. JL

    MZ is goin' home...he's close, I hope he scores some goals.

    DaCOSTA has gotta show us something tonight to stay up.

  3. Saving a year on his entry level contract may have been the biggest factor. That is, why burn a year and the money with it when his contribution won't be that great and won't even be that needed.

    For this team to win a cup, Murray needs to time the development of his prospects a bit. Use them up too early, or all at the same time and much progress can be lost. And you certainly don't want them all cashing in on big contracts at the same time like Chicago.

    Now, hopefully DaCosta can improve his +/-...

  4. Oman

    There will be a bunch comin' next season...the "run" may come sooner than expected...