Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Burkie calls in a favour!

We forget Burkie was a League Law-Man, a former Sheriff before Colie even...

So the Back Room Boys (read the Owners) instruct Burkie as ring leader of the Numbskulls (read GMs) to call in a favour of the League Office. Now instead of confronting the "New Sheriff", who is goin' "Balls to Wall!" A super clean up job.  Burkie calls on his former (conspirators) colleagues,  Mike Murphy, Colie Campbell and the old hockey puck who does the Video Goal Review, on the instruction from on High, to start to submit unsolicited opinions and reviews of former and current suspensions. Of course it's all hush hush but it resulted in the Campoli reversal. And the complete absence of anymore "Fighting Talk!"

I think it "stinks!"

I think the Montreal guys should yell "Blue Murder!"

But they have sucessfully defanged Shanny, making him the "Lame Duck" that they really wanted all along.

PS: Just love those brilliant Colie rulings and explanations...Yuk!


  1. unfortunate, but it was only a matter of time


  2. P

    If Brian Burke was in New York (Buffalo, NJ or NYC) where he should be with Mr. America, his coach, we coulda got "W" to throw "Wire Tap" on his phone line and Wikileaks could have leaked the "goodies" to us!

    But seriously, Rob Blake and Mathew have got to stand with Shanny and at least try to balance the "Conspirators!"