Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A little psychiatry from yesteryear!

If your young team (with a few old defencemen) is tight and cannot get going 'till the third period, the solution in the old days was to skate 'em until they couldn't think anymore...Coach Paul gets full marks...

Or as Punch usta say to some of his more cerebral Leaf teams..."Don't think, you'll hurt the team!"

Note: there never was a cerebral Leaf team...

Anderson...better...I think he took a page from Alex Auld's book..."When your guys are playing helter skelter, join 'em!"

Big goal for Nick Foligno...big goal for the team...

Jason needs a right winger...give Butts his old job back...

This Greening guy is a player...

Chris Neil was the first star tonight...

We gotta stop booing Gonchar, it doesn't help anything, he's knows and he is workin' on his game.


  1. Rundblad has a nice shot and Cowen's best play was when he pretended to be a tree. Play the kids! Play them lots!

  2. So far Paul Maclean seems ok .. this hiring should not bomb out B. Murray hopes

  3. This is exactly the kind of hockey I was hoping for: rookies still looking a bit shaky but giving all they've got and not quitting. A good rebuild team should get the "come back kids" nickname for a while. Even when they aren't winning, they're making it interesting!

    Flashback to the worst kind of hockey imaginable: Gerber lets in an early goal in the first and the aging guys with their big salaries fold. Might as well turn off the TV at the first intermission, because you know these self satisfied under achievers can't come back from any hole.

  4. S

    Coaching is not a perfect science...coaching kids is certainly an imperfect science...

  5. Oman:

    I'm with you, I didn't give up last night...I usually don't but enjoyed the struggle last night.