Friday, December 30, 2011

I like...

I like the "Big Line" if Rocco is skating and Alfie is shooting high! #11 has had a bundle of chances lately where he is too gassed to get the puck up but we still would love to see 400 @home.

I like this second line of #22; #14 and #7; Turris should get some shooting with these guys.

Update: Alfie with Turris I'm OK with this also.

I would like to see the "Daug" get a couple shifts with Nick and ZacK.

I like the look of Zman and Neil out there together, they look like a throw back to the 70's, no feet, no hands but very effective hockey players in their own way.

I would like "Karl" to stop reading his press clippings and get back down to business.

I like Alex in the net tonight, "Andy" looks tired...we gotta get him some rest.

I would like #4 to sit one more game because if it's a groin a mid-season rest is as good as anything you can do for it.

Update: Phillips and Lee...if you are good enough to play you are not hurt!

I would like our PP play to dumb it down...SHOOT the $%^&*# PUCK! Not WIDE...Not HIGH...Not BACK IN THE CORNER...but TWO FEET OFF THE ICE ON THE NET! How you do this is...don't dink with it. Shoot quickly before the box closes!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Epidemic" says Colie Campbell

Epidemic says Colie Campbell then he says not quite...

Maclean says: "I don't know but ya got 35 guys out!" all starters.

Colie says: "Gregory has had 4 or 5 concussions at every level on the way up but he heals quick and is back each time in a couple of weeks." Colie by my estimates has been concussed at least 4 times during his career. They must have some doozies of a conversation talking about head trauma!

Colie says: "The League (Chris King/multiple concussions) is looking at eight questions, they want answers to." I wonder what they are?

I'm older and played before both these guys. Because I was a hockey/football thing (one each) I got looked at by two doctors, there was politics even then one sport blaming the other but both were unanimous in stating the second concussion is the's damage to the already damaged brain. Remember, this is 45 years ago and everyone was studying the about a poor show when Colie Campbell has to tell ya he hasn't a clue as to what to do...but don't slow the game down and don't suspend the stars...and we can't afford to give 'em more space to play in!

"Call the shots!"..."Call the HEAD SHOTS!"

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thanks Eugene!

Just like Alfie says:"Thanks Eugene!" But what a way to welcome the new score clock.

"Andy" your brutal! Catch the puck or cheat to the far post, do something...

Neil has got ZacK dumbed down to where he has lost all his creativity, they, the Bingo line, got one shift and looked pretty good. Note: ZacK scored on a line change.

"Karl" you are sleeping...

Not a big fan of the "Big Line!"

Turris, you are looking good but it's time to do something...

Montreal has not broke a stick in 2-3 games, we break 3-4 a game. What gives??

Our PP break it up and throw it away...start over again...

We are playing like a team that has a playoff spot wrapped up with 45 games to go...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Experiments go on...

9mm; "Rocco"; Alfie

"Gino"; the "Shooter"; Butts

"Cy"; ZacK; Neil

Cons; Zman; "Daug"

Kuba; "Karl"

Jared; Gonch

Lee; Carks...Philly has a sore paw!

"Andy" and Alex

I don't know why they didn't go all the way and switch Zman and Zack making the Bingo Line the 4th line because tonight vs the Habs you know they (Montreal) need a win bad so we shall spend the night in the penalty box and thus have our Bingo Kill Team rested and ready for action and not being on the ice for the phantom calls on themselves. Last game our only goal was ZacK shorthanded!

I wouldn't put two right wingers with Rocco but "Butts" really needs his big full chance...

Against Price ya need your "sharpshooters" so anyone who is holding the puck change 'em out.

Definition of an "old guy"...old glasses-new clock, looking for a better viewing result!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Kyle Turris...

Kyle Turris was my xmas present and I like the gift very much...

Now for my birthday I would like a healthy and energized 9mm...

Alfie making the second line into Line One A...

That Zack gets his Bingo boys, #23 and #22 back with him again, it really is the most potent offensive configuration for a third line we kinda got lost in the xmas shopping...

Chris Neil is a forth line/PP specialist because when his ice time is limited he throws only the big legal hits but has lots of energy for the net front on the PP...

And we could always use a forty goal scoring left winger...maybe next year?

Note to Coach Paul...SENs fans and I love to hear about how much you skate them...they usta say it was good for the "Old"'s good for the young guys too!

"Cy"; Rocco; 9mm

"Geno"; the "Shooter"; Alfie

"Cons"; ZacK; "Daug"

Butts; Zman; Neiler

#17; #65

#2; #55

#4; #39/#5

"Andy" and Alex

Friday, December 23, 2011

A point for "Andy!"

Tired, I have never seen a team so tired!

Nice game Andy, you were terrific.

I'm sure they heat up the ice and the puck there...bush league.

Jason needs 9mm's energy and ability to back off their defence @ the offensive blue line.

Alfie will go back to helping Foligno and Turris will think he's just gone to heaven.

Like I always say: "Ya know you're in trouble when Kuba is your best DEFENCEMAN!" Nice game Fillip.

We all love Chris Neil but he and Zack have no chemistry. #25 cannot handle the puck well enough. Paul if you want secondary scoring, break 'em up!

If nothing else the Daug will improve the 4th line to the point of checking any of the opponents best lines. Zman is better than you think...

The verdict is still out on Butts??

Right now until we need the heavy artillery, I would play Lee.









Let's get the Habs when they are down, they would do the same for us.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tough break #13!

It's a tough break for Petr Regin but as I tried to tell ya, once that shoulder goes the second time it's over because even if you do return it drastically effects your play. I had the worst premonition when Petr changed to #13 because I really liked his play, things fell his way in the playoffs and for him to tempt fate like that for nothing. That is why athletes are superstitious.

Coach Paul, you are going to have to roll three and two thirds into four lines so give Butts a couple shifts with "the Shooter" and Nick. Bring Condra down and the "Daug" up to play with Zack, they were the best line against Florida the last time in case you forgot. Z-man and Neil continue to get some PP time...that's if we ever get a man advantage...

7D, I'd play Phillips on the wing, he usta be one (for most of one season) ya know...JOKE!

Tonight, anybody gets a brain dead stick foul gets's the only thing that can beat us tonight!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 on 5!

Good win! Could have been disaster...

Tough one Jesse...concussion...that's one where the new "experimental"  Bauer suspension helmet may have helped a little, it has some give up top. I had one save me forty-five years ago, a Riddel concussion suspension hockey helmet, it's nice to see the NHL speed up their research in this area.

5 on 5; Jason needs 9mm to back off  their defence at the offensive blue line.

Alfie will turn on seven and seven-one! Front line players all, playing on the second line...

Put the Bingo line back together, call 'em the forth line if you have to ...

Neil and Regin still have enough chemistry left to play together on their own line with out Zack...

Jason is starting to talk to "Karl" on the ice and they are not talking offense  and it is a one way conversation...

Just leave "Andy" alone, he gets it...that was as tough a twenty-two shot night as you are going to get...with our "D" ya have to be ready all the time...

They like #17 and #65 together I don't (not enough presence in front of our net) I like #2 and #65 together.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Politics! Money!

The Daug's ice time and 4th line duty will be cut back until they can justify his being sent back's just the way things work Caspers...

Butts will not see an Ottawa game sweater for awhile...

The coaches had to break the Bingo line for #25 and #13 to get their appropriate ice time...yuck...

Why would you put Zack on the wing again...

Looks like Turris will wear #7 and get 9mm when his head clears...

Didn't know how the DEFENCEMEN's Coach was going to play #55 and it's together and Phillips gets a bit of a breather with Carks...

Condra cannot over play his shot with Foligno and what you can but be their defensive conscience...

Looks like Jason and Alfie will have to put Buffalo away again while the other guys get straightened out...

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Coach Paul, who has seen as much of Kyle Turris as anyone, likes the guy...a lot!

#91 the mirror image of our #19, likes to shoot the puck. Both Alfie and Nick like this ...a lot!

Bryan Murray likes the fact that he again has a contender...a lot!

I feel for Davey Rundblad but I like Kyle Turris...a lot!

Merit Principle! Good teams have great lines...

14,19,9 Jason's 9mm Cyborgs!

71,7,11 the FTA!

22,15,23 the Bingo Line!

18,13,25 the "Huff and Puff Line!"





Don't shoot the "Daug!"

Big win! Well done Alex!

But Tuesday we get everyone back, young and old, forward and defence, big salary and bigger salary.

The "Daug" on a two way looks like the odd man's not fair but Butts makes a million dollars so there is an unofficial law that says guys on a one way, who make over a million, don't get sent down at xmas.

I'd keep Lee in his familiar spot in the press box and give "Davey" 20 games in the "A"...remedial training.

School is still out on #13's shoulder...

Neiler is very valuable but ya can't let him take 4-6 minutes in minor penalties every game...he doesn't seem to take anyone with him any more...if you know what I mean, he usta get the other guy to take a penalty...

"Andy" was having just too much fun on the bench just watching tonight...

or how about the straight merit principle...

#14; #19; #11

#13; #71; #9

#22; #15; #23

#18; #28; #25

#4; #55

#2; #65

#17; #39

#41; #35

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We just don't have enough!

Pure offence we just don't have enough. "Cy" should have 20 goals by now.

Phillips is slipping, we're breaking it out like the Detroit Red Wings and Chris starts rifling break out passes everywhere but to our own guys then he swerves to the Boards to give Peverley, a right hander, the open shot right down the middle from 22 feet out.

Andy has got have that one...early ball buster...

Butts doesn't know how to play together with two other good offensive players if you don't want the Daug to play with Zack give him a shot with Foligno and Regin.

If the back up goalie struggles vs Pittsburgh I think it's time to bring the kid up just to give Andy a breather he is completely "vulcanized!"

Jason and Alfie are terrific together but only in short bursts. Alfie is burning bone marrow!

I think #7 wouldn't mind going down to Bingo just to get out of here for 20 games or so.

Where is the secondary scoring?

Put the "Daug" back on the Bingo Line for just enough finish to do the job!

Jason uses Alfie differently, he seems to give him the puck early and often, lets him lug it and tires him out on every shift. Leave #11 with #71 the ones.

Take Alfie off the point on the PP, go with five D and just use Rundblad on the PP ONLY!

I want Chara on a bad paw!

Tits Thomas' luck has got to run out one of these games vs us.

Carks doesn't have to give it to Lucic but he's got to set him straight early..."You go over my goalie and I'm goin' over you from behind stick first!"

I think we may just have enough to take 'em all on tonight and by the time it gets to "Cy" and Nickie they should draw some pretty edible meat!

The DOT shall be a big factor tonight.

I think we got a shot!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where's Gonchar!

Great win...keeps us in touch...

We need Gonchar immediately...he keeps Phillips in check and thinking...he puts #7 in the press box to get yet another look, another "feel" for the North American game.

Jared clutch goal, we were beginning to doubt EriK!

9mm, leading the league in scoring, this is no time to get hurt now??

Andy, will you ever figure your defencemen out, they're tough, ya must be on the alert at all times...

Zack and Condra deserve the "Daug", Chris Neil just doesn't handle the puck well enough to play with these guys...

"Cy" had a heck of a game, 9 shots, goin' every shift, won the dust up, shoulda had one...

Jason better...

Alfie get some rest you get Jason and "Cy" again tomorrow...

Carkner and Cowen no Chara let's give the Bruins a little of their own medicine!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Neil too disruptive!

Chris Neil is fine when he just throws that one big clean hit but when he starts to go around like tonight he gets our rookies and Nick trying to imitate him meanwhile the other team is picking their spots and the Refs let them retaliate because they think we're a dirty team.  Neil hurt us tonight.

Chris Phillips, once a game, loses his shooting lane, screens his goalie and lets the guy score from well out.

DEFENCEMEN are supposed to move the guy away from your goalie not into the crease and on top of your man. If you have no angle leave him alone until you can work your way back in front of him. Keep yourself between him and the puck.

Zack is not the same with out "Daug" put those guys back together, pronto...

Hate it when Jason gets tired and his brain shuts down. I think #19 got tired about 3 games ago.

"Karl" is playing a way too excuse...Coaching group think error...

Alfie cannot take those dirty shots much longer...

Jared does not deserve "Karl" right now give him a break he's having enough trouble carrying his own load...

Tough game Nick...

Our PP is shot...break it down and start over...keep the puck down low for a few...

Love it when the Zebra decide they are going to teach us a lesson and ruin the friggin' game...

Andy was just OK...

Rundblad does not recognized when to stay, when to pinch or when to fairness this is a whole new game for him.

Where was Carks...

The first game of the "Rebuild!"

As a wise man once said and I always say, at draft time (and for the last 20 years), you can never have enough DEFENCEMEN. Good luck Patrick and get well.

With Carks due to play a lesser role only Phillips has any age on him, this is the first game of the official rebuild. As opposed to what the experts think I think it will be wild and erratic but that the young defenders will do a lot better than we expect.

"Karl" should play less but more effectively...and he will tonight.

"Jared" will be a tower of strength...

Rundblad is finally ready...

Lee was ready a year ago...

Experience helps the young guys but when you have a Carkner, who has your back, makes you a little bigger and tougher...

Phillips shall rise to the occasion...

Jason will once again start to come back down low in his end and support his young charges...

Note: Tranna, last night, still get the first PP and do nothing then "Bham" 4 PP goals vs their "Kill Team". They really "Ain't Much" in a fair fight.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Conflict of Interest!

The Leafs owned by Bell (my Company) and Rogers (my Company) and that arrogant 25%er!

Kaberle to the Habs, I thought that "that guy" had just gone away...he may save the "Ghost" (and Jacques) his job...

Bad luck, bad cut, bad knee, bad eye and now concussion symptoms, the "Hockey Gods" don't have any way of evening out the Penalty minutes but if you inflict extreme pain on other combatants it has a way of coming back on you...

OV will be chastised tonight by the Refs during the Leaf's so predictable...

Conflict of Interest number 65 for the Carks with "EriK" to rein in the offensive urges...just a little bit...

Conflict of Interest number 19 for the SENS power play...make Jason stick handle all the way to the opposition Blueline where he can cary it or shoot it in...I'm serious it's that screwball back pass or the lazy lateral at center ice that traps everyone...

Remember, give me offence we can fix the DEFENCE!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tough one!

The Caps were up for it tonight...

EriK's two worst games as a pro, his last two...his stick is too long...the pressure has got to him...

3 years ago, Alfie had the tier on his stick...

Jason has got to get some wingers, he is completely out of "Sync!"

9mm leads the League...

If you are not going to play Lee I'd start Carkner tomorrow night...

Andy is tryin' but there is only so much a guy can do...

The Bingo Line was over matched tonight...nice job by the 4th line...

Nick Foligno just keeps givin' 'er...

Condra = solid...

Nothing comes easy to these guys...there is no give up in 'em!

PS: Ottawa is the only team (ever) to get two (2) minor penalties on the same play...

"Hey it works is one scoring infraction called!"

PPS: If OV doesn't spear Neil we own 'em for the rest of the almost turned the game as it was...great non-call the Tranna guys think...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I want more of our "Home Call!"

It's just not fair...

Boston PPO 92; TSH 96

Buffalo PPO 94; TSH 97

Montreal PPO107; TSH 110

Tranna PPO 102; TSH 103...But 16 of 27 games weather behind or ahead, close game or not, the Leafs get a tripping penalty to make up for the advantage they have had through out the game.

Ottawa PPO 89; TSH 119...that's a half an hour, biggest differential in the league!

Note: @ 20% on the PP that translates to about 6 points in the standings...

Plus our PP is better than everybody if they get as many opportunities as these other guys...

First time this year Tranna gets the first two penalties to kill in the first period and "Bham" two nothin'!

Tranna announcer #1: "Now we see the Toronto Defenceman Schenn running some legal interference on the Jersey forward!" They don't even understand the conflict in terms.

Tranna announcer #2: "And there is a nifty little pick run by Steckel to get his defenceman a bit of room!" This dork doesn't realize if it wasn't Tranna these plays are penalties!

Dave Jackson, the only Montreal Ref (the West Island) is getting heat for not giving the Habs the "Home Call"...we will probably get him to do our game tomorrow in a make up mood!

Monday, December 5, 2011

"I'm tired!"

I'm tired of watching tired old defencemen being over played late in the game because of some precieved minor error by one of our "youngins!" To our D-Coach, play 'em all,'s the smart play! Plus you are killin' our old guys!

Jason is tired of playing with out two top six wingers!

Andy is getting pretty tired of our total team DEFENCE, especially in the second period the long change has not been mastered yet!

Coach Paul is tired of being over penalized, that "fantom" call every game.

I'm tired of Greg Millen trying to tell me that it all evens out over 82 poo...

I'm tired of Gordie Wilson telling me the Refs are the same for every team no big market bias...have we forgotten the Zebra management in New York early in the year when the Rangers were floundering...and the Tranna bias is a joke...even in Boston 4 PPs to 1. And then with the game over 4-1 Boston, Tranna gets the late tripping call to even it  a little bit...this goes on every game folks.

I'm tired of us not getting the "HomeCall!"

I'm tired of waiting for #13 it's too bad but even if you do come back without surgery, at this level ya never come all the way back from multiple shoulder hurts.

I'm tired of Nikita Filatov, he's too slow to react, not in 200' shape, makes too much money in the "Bigs" to be developed there and is simply not strong enough yet. Do everyone a favour send him home.

I'm tired of Bob Butler, with the exception of 7 minutes 4 games ago, his play has "Stunk!" Butts you are out of  "sync" with Jason and "Cy" ya find their groove out there and it's not retreating to our end all the a little, hang around and then bust your butt getting's also a much more effectively timed back check.

I'm tired of the 1-3-1 or as I call it the 1-4 "Gap Eight Goal Line DEFENCE"! Remember Detroit, ya need a wedge buster run in conjunction with a strategic pick at their Blueline...the Refs will call you once because you are Ottawa but should leave you alone after that.

I'm tired of Tranna, Detroit and Boston running picks all over the ice and never getting called. I was listening to a radio game out west when in the third period the Announcer says: "Finally, with the game out of hand, Detroit gets called for a pick at the offencive Blueline. They have done it on every dangerous rush since the opening face off!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Top Six "Duds!"

Jason is getting pretty tired of playing short handed. So give Condra a shot at Left Wing and move the Cyborg to Right Wing. Rest #21 and put Butts back on the 4th line. Zack needs Neil as a picker upper! The "Daug"switches sides.

Phillips looks tired...

Jared had more minutes than "Karl"...

Andy is learning how to play behind our DEFENCE! We just haven't perfected it yet.

Rundblad is a cool dude...even Karl cannot rattle him.

Coach Paul, we need a swing coach. High and wide, high and wide, high and wide after awhile ya gotta get tired of finding your ball in the bush...shoot the crest (and it goes in the top corner) or even better keep it down and on the net where you get a rebound the best pass in hockey! Paul,ya gotta bring it to their attention.

Contrary to what that simpleton Healy thinks (read Jane Healy's book "Endangered Minds!") this is a very good young team. We need one more big time top six forward to raise every one's production!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Play 'em all Coach!

Ya got six defencemen ya play six defencemen...25 minutes each for Phillips and Gonchar against a hard hitting/forecheck like Dallas is too much.

Jason wasted the first fifty minutes of the game looking for Filatov.

We'll give #21 a pass tonight but he's got to be harder on the puck.

How often we see a defenceman switch sides and lose his perspective...his shooting lane...#4 first Dallas goal...Andy's stoppin' everything he's seein' so cover the pass and get out of the way they are not going to beat him clean from out there.

Dallas blocks the most shots in the league but they seem to sense when it's not a dangerous shot from well out and let the goalie see and handle it.

That's the first time this year that we got out skated in the 3rd period of a tight game.

I think we still need one more top six forward...that kid from Hull wouldn't look too bad out there in a Senator's heritage sweater.

Playin' these tougher teams Neil and Carkner would have made a difference tonight.

As I'm sure Coach Paul will say that was one we let get away.

Note: Stats guys...29 of 52 draws were taken by Left Wingers for Dallas and they won 59%...Horse Poo...I, an old draw man, scored it about even so it must have been that old score keeper again...57 hits one night none the next???