Friday, December 31, 2010

I like this Line-Up!

Just good enough to provide some watchable hockey and make a real hard run at 9th place.

Brian Elliott will bounce back tonight...

As I recommended, Mr. Kuba should have been sat two seasons ago.

It's tough to sit Jaarko but he drew one too many penalties @ the wrong time and the Coaches (plural) don't like him...

I shall enjoy tonight's game as I have finally got my mind around the potential of this team...

So deadline, box 'em and ship 'em...anyone, over 30, who wants to get on the plane out of town...

"Don't re-sign the expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!"

Note: Alfie should finish this season with the Sedins...the final piece to their puzzle...

We would recommend to Eugene that he keeps the present MGMT GROUP but only if they agree to gut the place...I'm talking the "whole room!"

"Hey" Mr. Zebra, there usta be a "rule"...ya put the brakes on, on a penalty's over, no goal...what's all this "American College" doodles???

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Canes are tough!

Down five (5) to one in minor penalties at the end of the second but still tied, they beat Tranna 4-3 in the third in a typical one-sided, ZEBRA MANAGED Leaf game...the best (or the worst yet) two (2) "even-er-upper minor penalties" @ the 20:00 minute mark of the third period...and that horse poo is really starting to stink!

Oh ya in Tranna they count a "Double Minor" as only one penalty on the score looks my day it was two for the high stick and two for drawing blood...that's why they called it a double...double means two!!

We shall go as far as Brian Elliott wants to take us...

Alfie talks to the kids and that includes Kovalev...

Petr has suffered enough, he will be Sensational tonight...

"EriK" will break Staal's heart tonight, letting him think he has a break away and then tracking him down from behind...I think it's the best exhibition of skill and speed on display in the NHL today!

Four (4) in a row!

For you dorks, like Johne and Peter Sidorkowz, who insist there is no ZEBRA MGMT, the new Modus Operandi is the calling of one team for FOUR (4) count 'em four penalties in a row it completely exhausts them, even if the home team doesn't score they are done...this little tactic ensures that Washington is going into the New Year's game on the come back...the Habs suffered 5 in a row last night and they were down two nothing...Jacques says: "Tabernacle, quatre en ligne et un autre pour le bon measure!" to the French guys that is...

Ottawa has had this happen three or four times this season...this is the ZEBRA telling you, I'm in control here "Bub" so let's see if ya can beat these guys short handed all night...the worst part it totally defeats a veteran team mentally cause they know what's going on...

Example: How do the "Broad Street Bullies" get nothing against us and get 9 minor penalties the next night...give me a break...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Without Prejudice!"

Ya see...Bob Mackenzie and Pierre McGuire don't know what a head shot really is...and they have been secretly advising Colie all this time...

Our guy clearly hit the Czech kid on the button, shoulder to chin and his approach was quartering on the blind side...remember that was not a defenceman, that was that gutless cruising (across) the neutral zone forward...

So grow up you old timers...and face the music...ya can't hit a guy like that are going to kill somebody...

Stack 'em anyway you want...

Stack 'em anyway you want...but play Petr and ZacK @ Center...and roll 4 lines...Fish/Alfie get Staal...

#73; #22; #25

#71; #12; #11

#9; #1x; #27

#18; #15; #26

But if they moved me up to Offensive Coach...

#9; #15; #26

#71; #12; #11

#18; #1x; #27

#73; #22; #25

And I'd wait and just let Chris Kelly give their (Carolina's) 4th line a good old fashion "Shellacking!"

Note: ZacK Smith's 4 in 26 games projects out to 14 goals!

Monday, December 27, 2010

No penalty; no review...

No penalty, no review, no talk of shit!

It was one thing to give Pittsburgh the extra PP just like Tranna always gets but this is just more HOUSE LEAGUE baloney that Gary and the (Non-) Brain Trust think are going to make Pittsburgh, Sid and the League look better to the National TV guys. It just will not work boys because there is no national TV audience for HOCKEY in the ol' US of A.

It was nice to see Crosby get two minors and squeak like someone stepped on his thumb...the guy is still a Prima Donna!

Fluery is about to wilt...

Letang is feeling the pressure...that was just a super "Little boy" frustration shove at the boards on Rocco...

Carks just ended one of their "thugs" career...

And the other guy is not as tough as advertised...I was hoping Nicky was going to go him in a fair fight!

Malkin is a highly skilled cheap shot and someone (Great 8) is going to straighten him up with a clean body check...

So we shall see if we got the horses to go it without Rocco...maybe for a couple of games but after that ???

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Let George do it!"

In the old days there was this expression: "Let George do it!" What it meant was I can do it, I can get this job done but I just can't be bothered.

- picked this team to WIN the I know I'm old and have slipped a little bit but this is ridiculous...ridiculous I tell ya...

- so many guys are leaning over their oars that ya can't tell who is actually rowing...Bruce's xmas report card could get him banished from the dressing room...

- aging is mother always told me hang around with young guys it will keep you young...however the converse is also true, ya get enough old fogies hanging around and all they want to do is retire...

- from here on in this will be like watching the expansion SENs...strictly for the aesthetics of the game...I'm P^&&$# Off @ them! "Shoot the f*&%en' dog!"

- "Don't sign the expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!"

PS: "Rocco's situation is chronic"...not cronic like it feels to me!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's so over for these guys!

- Ya know who has turned into a very ordinary hockey player is Jason Spezza. To go out there NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AND DO NOTHING. Disrupt (Break up) the PP time after charge Fish with 3 turn overs and "Rocco" with only one is an insult to your (our) intelligence!!

- I know that the scouting staff has been all changed but we want the goalie scout fired anyway!

- "EriK's" speed is increasing...he's gone from faster than most to the fastest recovery in the league...he tracks everybody down!

- At least Coach Clouston cut #17, Philippé's ice back a little tonight...PK and regular.

- Poor old "Sarge", he just wants to go play golf some where warm!

- Boy, when Alfie misses early we're done.

- If you don't respect your young coach ya can play dirty and think you can get away with it (read 9MM; Jaarko and to some extent 1x)...

- So put the college kid in the Limo to Bingo for twenty games, shoot the f*&%^n' dog, Number 33, he's got a broken mind and let's start over again in goal!

Friday, December 17, 2010

"Ya gotta win those to make the playoffs!"

My kitten erased the rant!

Rocco is "OURS!"

- Rocco is our whimp...ours...we will tell you guys what to think of him...

- This Colorado "Show Time Cut" (Rycroft, who finished in Lake Erie in the Lake) couldn't score or fight and was basically a career up and downer...where does this guy get off critiquing our Jason, I vaguely remember this guy, he couldn't put a patch on Spezza's arse!

- Colorado are hurting...too's time to end their little charade...these guys are doing it with mirrors...let's start them on a December sleigh ride...

- Give Brian Lee one more game, give him 20 minutes plus, he is skating better than Kuba or Carkner...

- We shall not get many PPs tonight so it's up to Chris Kelly, his Kill Team and his line with Road Warrior Nick Foligno to win us another road game...

- let downs, it's your time man...

- "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stephane "Get in the way" Auger!

- For a guy who has been Refing since he was sixteen, he does not know where to stand or how to move to elude the puck and it's carrier...

- Auger refs like a guy that's never played and he has a bias against Ottawa... he certainly wasn't going to call back that goal and award the Wild with a TMMOTI Penalty...

- Pascal's got to be better with defending the front of his net with his stick...ya gotta have enough confidence to take a shot from the corner behind the goal line with your pad and come out a little bit and defend the cross crease pass with your goal stick...ya don't have to be Johnny Bower or Rick Wamsley to know this stuff...I was taught that when I was 11 years old!

- Alfie, with his old man and his old skates (My advice), just like old times gettin' us started!

- Nick Foligno, our best road warrior, as advertised!

- "Don't re-sign any expiring contracts...pick often, pick well!

Brian Lee to be "Show Cased!"

- Brian Lee, after about 25 games, is to be "Show Cased" for the Home State Team and their fans...I'd play him with Kuba so he looks tougher and faster!

- Only Koivu and Havlat have the offence to hold the puck on the goalie so Pascal's hip flexor and saddle should be safe till the third period.

- Nick Foligno is/will be our best road player from now on!

- I wonder if Regin ever looks at the number on his sweater and wonders??

- When I come back after I die, reincarnated as Stan Mikita, I want to play in Tranna where I can slash, spear, cross-check and hit guys from behind all season long and not get a penalty, then get traded to the Senators for the playoffs!

- "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!"

- "Hord our Draft Picks!"

Monday, December 13, 2010

The comeback that never was!!

- tonight was the Buffalo turn around game that didn't materialize.

- an overtime loss to these guys tonight was not good enough.

- anyone who thinks Kuba is a 4 million dollar offensive defenceman should have their head "Read!"

- Rocco just gives too many of those easy ones away eventually they come back to haunt you. That's why he can't play vs the big offencive lines during the's never occurred to him how dangerous those plays are!

- Elliott's lightning glove has gone tentative...

-"Erik" will have to learn how to finish the rush, those pucks to no where are not good enough, ya can't just turn it over time after time...

- "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!"

Sunday, December 12, 2010


From the good ship, SS Senator to Bryan Murray @ HQ in Shawville!

- required immediately one (1) National League type goal keeper to help right the ship!

Be advised: "We have no goalies in our system!!

- Pascal Leclaire lost over board after being put on Long Term Disability...

- Brian Elliott got in the wrong car and was Limo...ed to Bingo for 10 days of depressurization...

- Robin Lehner, who can't get in the goal in the AHL as when he does he's not been good, has been sent to back up at the World Juniors...

- "Our" Brodeur is practicing and that is all, for a long long time...

- Bary Brust, who is only two games under 500 in the NHL and that's better than some guys I know, deserves a shot...

- I know our rule..."Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!" But ya gotta offer Florida one of our "Excellent DEFENCE" prospects for their disgruntled goalie and pay the man his price! It's not just for this year but for a couple!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Poor Old Devil!

Ya beat the poor old Devil, Martin Brodeur, as prognosticated Volchenkov and Brodeur after their performance this year will no longer be considered "elite" players!

Note: I don't know what happened to my other projection?

- Rocco, the penalty killer, loses both draws in the last and most crucial kill of the game and he managed to be slow covering Kovalchuk as he hits Leclaire in the glove, a shot that could have/should have gone in!

- Ya got an All Star College goalie and a first round Major Junior Goaler but we don't have an NHL Goal Tender on the Big Club at the moment.

- "Sarge" used to give Marc-Andre Fleury the odd tough look...imagine what he must think of our Pascal...

- Everyone talks about Alexei but if I was on the Senators @ less than Mill and was watching Philippé play night after night makin' four and half "actual" I'd call for a "Sit down strike of all the players"...maybe that's what we are seein'!

- So all together now..."Don't re-sign any of the expiring contracts!"

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!

- Jason Spezza is not a penalty killer...never was , never will be...too passive...ya can't follow the play when you are killing!

- It time to start to blame the goal tending, neither one of our targets deserve to be in the show! Brodeur...the "Kid"...time to give someone else a chance!

- Kuba is hurt again or he better be because nobody in the "Bigs" is allowed to play that timid when he's healthy. He's our "China Doll!"

- As a team we are not fast enough or aggressive enough to play Coach Clouston's dump and chase!

- Alfie change your skates...tuck 'em in a size smaller we need that step!

- Foligno is TERRIFIC!

- Alexei says "F*$K You Coach!"

- Gonchar cannot believe this is the same team that should have beat him in last year's playoffs..."Can I have a Mulligan!"

- John Tortorella yells at the Zebra, shits on 'em...waves 'em off and they love the guy, he must be their New York kinda guy!

-Thought for the week...from pg; Oman; Sandy; Michael; JL; PvR and me: "Don't re-sign the expiring contracts!"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I think that when the ZEBRA started to squeeze us early on the "Veterans' just threw in the towel on this season!

We bought a "Pig in a Poke!" Pascal was/is a big part of the downfall of this team, the propaganda kept propping him up but the players saw through him early and gave up!

Playing Spezza as a penalty killer is pure lunacy...wake up you guys!

Alfie's accumulation of frustration, injury and age have finally caught up with him...Frank Selkie would not let the "Rocket" exhibit himself any longer at about the same age, he paid him his full salary to advise Mgmt!

Kuba was "Done" two years ago!

Fish is a "Country Video" guy! In more ways than one.

The support staff like Foligno and Regin would have done much better if they had some guys to play with instead of being asked to cary the team!

Carkner's spots are showing! He should be fighting more and playing less!

"EriK" should be cut loose...let him run, let him play his game, he's all ya got!

Coach Clouston, right or wrong, may have been a much bigger factor in #15's departure than we thought!

Coach Clouston's reluctance to change will result in a return to Junior for further seasoning!

Bryan has left us a shit load of good DEFENCEMEN the future is not as bad as one would think!

Don't do anything stupid...lets leave (Next year) the "New Guys" some money and CAP space to work with!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Too tough to watch!

Too tough to watch even with the sound off...PM at least get your left and right part of the screen right...the wife's watching the left side of the screen where you told her to watch and the infraction occurs on the right!

- PM...stop commenting on "EriK", he could stop you with just his feet, he would not even need his stick! Plus he could skate you at your best...right into the ice!

- the old guys are "done" and the kids are not ready...yet!

- when I played Pee Wee the "Goaler" had no mask...when he would stand side ways in the net we would accuse him of being afraid of the puck!!!

- And when he lets the go ahead goal in every third period, we'd convert him to a forward! It should have been about 7 to 1, like as if we were playing with out a goalie!

- Rocco is no penalty killer, he doesn't know who to cover or where to stand so if you are going to continue to use him as such, teach the guy a few things he's never killed anything in his life!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some thoughts for practice tomorow!

Relax, the ZEBRA are going to give you at least a level playing field...we can still take these guys in a fair fight!

Coach Clouston, ya play the French Canadian Goaler from Montreal "Card" and ya get Wamsley to tell him to stay up on the shooter cause they (everybody) are shooting him high glove all the time.

Phillips looks a foot taller and a half a foot wider...and Sarge says "Da, that's good!"

Philippé, the 17th, is a plus 3, draws an assist, plays 26 minutes, takes a shot on the wrist that an ordinary defenceman shakes off and comes back out and starts playing like the "one arm man!"

You are going into Montreal, you must go strong down the middle, you play your four best centers at center. They are, in no particular order, Kelly, Fish, Rocco and Petr. This is because it takes four lines skating to stay with the Habs @ home!

Winni sits for offencive zone sins! Don't make it the end of the world tell him he draws back in the next game!


#71; #19;'s time for Rocco and Foligno also, to get Butts some shooting!

#9; #12; #11...Alfie is ready for Fish again, he will out skate the kids @ Centre Bell!

#26; 1x; # 27...Alexei will single handedly pull Petr out of this slump!

#73; #22; #25...meanwhile Kelly and his guys play high/low with Price!

Hats off to Kelly!

Hats off to Kelly and his original line...excellent!

A tip of the cap to Pascal, but before we get too excited, that shortie went into the center of the net, what goes on there, it almost sunk the ship as we immediately went into the tank and the "Box!" You don't guess and fall down and away when you know everyone goes high glove on you all the time!

Butts and the first line was just OK!

If Coach Clouston even thinks about breaking up Kelly and Ruutu I am going to lock him in the "Bat Cave!"

Chris Phillips just seems to settle Sarge and Kuba...they look to him and say "OK Let's go!"

Kuba's wrist effected his passing late???

Ya don't think the Zebra have an effect on the out come of the game...look how far those two non calls go!

"EriK" doesn't know if he should stay or go...gentlemen that's bad coaching...let the kid go...let him soar with the eagles!

Winni is averaging an offencive zone penalty a game lately, let him sit one!

Good ol' Lucky Leclair!!

Marian Gaborik is the "best" second rebound man in the league! He goes to the net and he stands there like a "Vulture!" Pascal's only hope is the snow bank or kick it past him!

I think Coach Clouston benched the wrong should have been Winni but put Butts with Rocco and 9MM...Alfie, Fish and Shannon...Alexie and the kids (1x/71)...Kelly's old line, our best line, #73; #22; #25...

Just when we were ready to break out...our goalie will find a way to lose another heart breaker...I can't watch...I'll be in the basement trying to teach, telepathically, Chris Neil to hit the net, the top left corner even, with a broken hand...ya shoot the bottom of the goal tender's crest and let it sail high and wide into the top corner! It's a golf shot...a little control fade!

I don't mind telling you I don't like the look of this one!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


We need some changes!

Do better...score a goal!

Chris Phillips is going to lead us out of this slump...believe it or not the offence comes from the "D"!

I want Butler!

Rocco change your game, you are no longer a have the worst pass completion percentage in the are paid to finish your plays...shoot the GD puck, that's all ya got!!

Cut "EriK" loose...let him run I don't care if they get a couple on him, he'll get us rolling on offence!

"Sarge" tighten your gun site...start knocking the odd defenceman down...ya might get a little more room and you just might get one!

This is Elliott's team give the man some goal support!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Butler is on the way!

Coach Clouston forget about how intuitive you are...go back to what worked best!

Kovalev and the kids...Alfie and Fish...Kelly's line etc...etc!

#9; #19; "#16" and these two old fogies are told "Butts better get some shooting!"

#12; #18; #11 and let's start looking for Alfie again he's the only scorer we have.

#71; #1x; #27 and Alexei has your undivided attention on the bench!

#73; #22; #25 and remember they are your best line!

#4 and #55

#17 and #65

#14 and #39

#30 in goal because I don't think Pascal will ever win us another game, the boys have quit on him.

The Power Play is #11; #19; #16; for 55 seconds and then get Kovalev out there against the other guys second string! The Defence doesn't change...#55 makes a rush then EriK makes the next one!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Resilience our team has none...I think the Zebra just beat it out of us in the early going this season.

Ya can call it rebound control, you can call it down too early, you can call it not catching the puck, you can it a Sponge Bob belly pad, you can call it not handling the puck well, but all I know is the puck is in play for the opposition forwards all the time, every cycle, every rush!!! If we were playing "Road" hockey I'd have the goalie, #33, deflecting it into the snow bank every shot because he sure cannot cover it!

The puck sure doesn't roll for Nick Foligno like it used's the training camp hex...and ya better believe it!

Someone should tell "Rocco" it's a "rest" nap not a sex nap!

Do something...bring someone up...sit an old forward and an old defenceman!

Our broadcasters fiddle while Rome burns...Gordie sounds like he enjoys it!

Coach Clouston appears to have lost his "Magic!"

The Power Play genius should be "shot!"

PM is a pre-packaged jerk...where did he play and who does he think he is...TSN should make him their first cut!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feed Pascal to the Sharks!

Ya gotta fight fire with fire, feed Pascal to the Sharks, tell him we don't care how well you play, just win the game...two to one, six to five we don't care!

Coach you cannot play your big penalty killing center (Rocco) against "Big Joe" he is not good enough defensively, Fish gets that job all night.

9MM gets "Fifteen White" and he better skate him into the ice because he can if he wants to!

Give Kelly Jaarko back and tell'em to shape up...Neil goes around out there shooting like a guy with a broken hand!

Foligno, Winni and Shannon are not a fourth line so tell them they don't get the night off, we want "at least" a plus one on the score sheet and one goal!

Coach Carvel, start playing Chris Phillips 27/28 minutes a game, he's gotta show Kuba and Gonchar that an "Old" DEFENCEMAN can play hard and well even though he's logging big short, we need him to lead, we need him at his best again!

The Sens hockey fans, the people of Ottawa want a DEFEAT of the Sharks!