Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Drastic Measures!"

Devastating injury calls for drastic measures:

1) Bench Johnny Cheechoo (speed)

2) Bring up Zach Smith (size)

3) Play Kovy with Regan and Shannon (finesse)

4) Fish gets Neil/Ruutu (and gets to earn his money)

5) Kelly gets said Mr. Smith (and his choice of Dono or Winchester)

Note: CiCi, ya gotta leave some bite on that 4th line!

Option 2. Stand pat and give away your 4th line advantage...and probably 1st place!

PS: To Mark @ Silver Seven...Kovy's goal was a "one timer" not a tip in...they are difficult not "easy"...Jason's goal was a layered deflection from 20ft out...again that's no tip in! At least you guys try for the way you can't respond on your site!

CiCi says..."So what...Big Deal?"

To the 2009/2010 Ottawa Senators, record holders of the club's modern day record of nine (9) wins in a row...Congratulations!

Brian Elliott...stellar...just win baby!


Alfie...on an ordinary day you turned the momentum when we needed it...

Jason...making it happen...

Nick Foligno a heavy price to pay...

Mike Fisher...first star...deservedly so...

Our "Messiah" Erik Special "K" Karlsson..."Karl" to his team're getting exciting...25 minutes/29 shifts...#1 D-man type numbers!!!

Campy...your "Straight One" almost cost us a goal and momentum for about 5 shifts!! was robbed...the Refs sure don't give you any breaks...

To the moves at hand...CiC, ya might as well send Petr Regin down and bring up Zach Smith because plodding along with Cheech and an out of form Winchester is going to do none of them any good...your favourite, #26 should and will flourish with his old line mates Fish and Alex...

A lesson relearned by Bryan Murray as soon as you say you are going to stand pat with your line up an injury occurs and the juggling and acquisitions begin.

Note: We are definitely a three (3) line team again and Kelly/Ruutu playing in the 3 hole lose about 25% of their effectiveness!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Halak's "Comeuppance!"

We have been making this guy look like a "World Beater" all year, the Habs just left Montreal two Defencemen short Mara is out and Jaroslav Spacek missed practice today and is doubtful...some guy is in a limo from Hamilton but we don't know who!

The Canadiens don't like this game...never did! Jacques is getting his excuses in order...I say we see Price to start the second and this will be the quietest Habs bunch in our building since they started to charter 40 buses a game for this one!

Hockey night will talk about our two 37 year old Als...Alfie and Alexei...Chery was never good enough to even put on his gear with these guys but "Doe Head" and Hrudey have received their instructions to criticise!

We can play 3 lines and win against these guys but I wish CiCi would install the full 4 lines, bringing in either Dono or Winchester and let's see what we really have...let Kelly's line massacre their 4th line!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

That ties it! Eight Straight!

Brian Elliott...excellent! Just win baby! #4 & #24 get dinner Saturday night after the Montreal game!

Notice how when you are really cookin' your center ice men do all the scoring (#12; #22; #19)it shouldn't work like this but it does, it reflects that everyone is passing the puck and everyone is shooting! Not just one big winger getting...taking all the shots! Bravo! deserved that empty netter!

To the "Messiah!" Erik Special "K" Karlsson...enjoy the "Zone!"

Bob Mackenzie had to remind us of his Tranna loser's mentality always worried about who is below you when you have been kicking the tar out of them all's the big guys starting to fall that I like to see. Hey Bob, Philly aren't that good!

Alfie and Alexei...a strong leadership type road game...stop dancing on the power play, it's a "two step"...two passes and shoot!

"Eastern Conference Powerhouse"??

An Eastern Conference Powerhouse dominates with it's 4th line and 5-6 pair on DEFENCE.

Note: Your DEFENCE dictates the "brilliance" of your Goal Keeper!

Against Jersey this (the Powerhouse look) occurred. With the exception that we played one forward short!

In responce to this shortage we shall revert back to playing with three lines tonight...this is a mistake...when you take Kovy from Regan/Shannon and saddle them with #41, they become an impotent 4th line pair!

The Ottawa Senators have a question mark beside DEFENCE @ our 3-4 pair. The Super shut down duo is back...the 5-6 pair with either Campy or Picard and Carkner is very good in that job...the emergence of the "Messiah" Erik Special "K" Karlsson has allowed us hope for the Post Season...if Kuba's hand heels properly allowing him to shoot, pass, stand up and push some guys around, we got us a barly acceptable 3-4!

So I think it was a mistake to change the lines and move Kelly up...ya don't play 3 lines against a 4 line team!! CiCi it's coaching 101 man!

Note II: CiCi ya gotta leave it set up so you can double shift both Alfie and Kovy, every third cycle through!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let's make it "Eight!"

Malkin says: "Yes, I'm back!"

Eric Godard is out!

Brooks Orpic @ $3.75 talks big but will play a little lighter!

Sent their scorer, Chris Conner, back to the baby Pens!

Sidney is sleeping...getting rested up for the Olympics!

The Pens like us when we are hurting and disorganized not stacked and rolling!

Marc-Andre Fleury will be Brian Elliott's next victim!

There shall be some "Home Calls" but they are not insurmountable for our team on this run!

The "Igloo" is a great place to play/watch a hockey game!

We are what we are!

We are what we are...with the exception of the Washington Capitals we should kick the tar out of everyone else in the Eastern Conference and that includes you, you Pittsburgh Penguins!!

Martin Brodeur, stole a goal from Milan then looked only ordinary for three goals...still handles the puck beautifully!

Lou Lamoriello, don't call it a concussion, call it a mild head injury and the New Jersey Devils are cooked with out Patrick Elias...they looked terrible!

I think we are the worst change on the fly team in the league and boy do they like to call us!

Only one "Straight One!" tonight committed by Carks no damage done!

Dean McAmmond looked old and slow but hey Dean ya can't play forever!

Fish had 4 good scoring chances tonight...1 blocked, 2 wide and 1 broken stick sand wedge...between him and Cheech they should have had about 6 goals...what a game Nick Foligno had!!

Alfie and Alexei...our leaders...Superb!

Brian Elliott just another night in the trench, shut out...excellent...just win baby!

Note: Our Brodeur doesn't move in the warm up!

Chris Kelly might be one of them "Masochists" cause he sure does like to take a hit while carrying the puck!

Enough! Let's go to Pittsburgh!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Marty Brodeur the Key!

Marty Brodeur, our great Canadian and Olympic Goal Keeper, is wearing down...getting tired and is having issues with his foot work, basically stumbling around in there so Alfie you know the drill "Keep'em down!" shoot low, on the ice even...we have all seen him when he starts to look at his feet!! Jason, you give him that "on the goal line, top corner job!"

Zubrus is back, all 6'5"/225lbs, playing with the "Jerk" Peters so expect some fire works!

#9; #19; #11

#26; #43; #27

#71; #12; #41

#73; #22; #25

On the surface this seems unfair to Fish/Nick but the fourth line needs Chris Neil, once #41 gets a shift to keep his feet warm Alfie and Alex should be double shifted with Fish every third cycle...Foligno will think he's died and gone to heaven!

Remember on paper these guys are so bad they are good...very good!

Anton is cool!

Anton is cool, his agent is not...Bryan is cool, the Sens fans are not!

The "Slippery" Agent (Jay Grossman) always wants to get it to free agency or July 1st!

Anton wants to stay but has already taken one hometown discount for the last 3 years! Good reporting by the Cross Bar we want to see more of that in the future!

Bryan Murray knows from experience that it does nobody any good to bid against yourself.

As we said as much as a year ago, it's 4 mill for 4 years or 3.7 mill for 5 years.

Forget Kuba this brings him in line with Chris Phillips, who will be facing similar numbers next year.

The heart and the engine in this machine are superb but there are a lot miles on the body...Someone may offer him more but they will be over paying...Note: And they better have a Phillips for him to play with!!

I think he stays if he is as smart as I know he is!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great show...six in row!

Alfie...clutch! Superb!

Brian Elliott...better...steady...just win baby!

Philly with the "Pup"...let's let Volchy take care of #17!

Shannon with his speed and covering Lucic, our best defencive forward today!

Carks look so different...confident, playing with Pic...#39 knows where to go and that he has to take care of him...

Picard in the Neutral Zone is still our best D-man with the puck!

Jason...nice shot...the winner!

Coaching issues: #17, you have been beat wide a couple of times now you refuse to stand up...with your size and reach, stay stand up!

The "Straight One"...a break out pass from around our own goal line straight up the ice that allows everyone on the other team to have a shot at the puck or our forward (receiver) resulting in a goal against or a "Dead" forward. Featured by both Carks and Philippé this afternoon so "Stop it!"

Brophy and the Tranna guys would give their left nut for Kovy so STFU!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Bruins @ the Boston Garden! Afternoon Two!

About Game ten (10), Bryan Murray just visiting, let a sheet of paper slip from his clip board in the door of the Coach's Office. It contained the following numbers...

#9; #19; #11

#26; #43; #27

#71; #12; #25

#73; #22; #41

Well it's wrong, wrong headed and CiCi reverts to these lines every chance he gets!

Any coach, scout, manager or equipment man knows you don't change the forward lines on a 5 gamer...and especially to the old lines that were individually and collectively slumping.

Ya can tempt fate once too often...changing a D-man was/is a work in progress but this one could start a fight in the dressing room...players vs coaches...this is bad!

Remember this term...the "Domino Effect!"

The "Real" strategy meeting!

Eugene: "Bryan, you boys are so hot ya better watch that your ass doesn't catch on fire!"

Bryan: "Mr. Melnyk, I think we got us a chance here, right now, this year!"

Eugene: "Bryan, have you seen the parking lot, you can shoot a cannon around out there, we are bleedin' red, man!"

Bryan: "How about I spend a million and make you about I spend two million and make you eight!"

Eugene: "Murray, you are a good man, but it's not there for us this year...talent or revenue keep your eye on the ball...we go deep this year, make some money, sell some season tickets and really roll the dice next year!

Bryan: "Yes Sir! You are the boss!"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Power Play! Power Play! Power Play!

Chris Phillips, a winner, great shot by a winner!

Alfie's umbrella with Kovy the wheel man. I don't know about Kuba down low but it's working...

Regin, our star center, 3 points...high end talent!

Brian Elliott, timing is everything, keep 'er goin' kid!

Volchy, we need you for Boston so shake it off!

Zach it's just too bad! But you really gave it a good shot!

Coaching issues: 1) Campy quit giving it to Carks behind the net when the play is up and out...Carks is going to kill one of our forwards with that straight one!

2) Philippé, with your size all ya gotta do is stand stand up!

3) Mr. Kuba a sign that an older DEFENCEMN is slipping is when he starts those hard ring arounds that end up @ the other teams point man thus creating the dangerous scoring chance you are trying to stop it!

Cheech's last stand!

Great call by the Coaching staff to place Milan with Zach and Cheech leaving the other three lines in tack for now! Cheech is traveling, playing with some big time offencive skill and speed tonight and should/must do something significant...

John Cheechoo is not going anywhere...listening to Bryan, Eugene and/or Tim Murray we now know that the $3 mill will be used as cover for our crowding the CAP and not spending even one more red cent on players...

So when Jason comes back it's #9; #19 and #41 and call them the 1st line...just start Fish and Alfie call 'em the checking line and roll through 4 lines to get to the 1st line. Jason gets the PP; Milan gets the PK and stop talking about Cheech on the Power Play he is no longer a power player.

Brian Elliott gets the start...deservedly so...order of "Peck!"

So Wilson Street keep you comments not too high and not too low...Brian is our back up goal keeper who has actually been our number one most of this pressure packed season. Yorkie, I know it's hard when you finally stop sitting on the fence not to grab an opinion and over do it a little, but as you know you will have to take a number and get in line as Lloydy, the Voice, Gordie and Brucie, all the guys @ Sesame Street have over done it both in praise and criticism of our goal keepers to the detriment of the team!

Note: this big, tough, skilled, young Blue's defence will be a good test for our 4 line offence!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who is John Davidson trying to kid?

The St. Louis Blues look like some sort of Hy-bred version of the 2007 Mighty Ducks!

Give me a break...Cam Janssen running the goalie.

Tkachuk @ 37 years of age and some guy who goes by the nickname "BJ".

Kariya on one leg and Alex Steen.

Ty Conklin for gosh sakes...

And they beat the Habs right in the Bell Centre.

But we shall see Mason, their #1 Goal Keeper. The Blues DEFENCE is big, good, young and tough. So lets be ready they still got Macdonald and Boyes and a "TJ" (sex and drugs)...let us provide the "Rock 'n Roll!"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another pressure performance Brian!

Let's not go over board (Wilson Street) and stop repeating yourselves, Brian Elliott was very steady, got some help from his DEFENCE and got a little lucky!

Chris Neil was the first star tonight, when Chicago was dominating early Neil and his line single handed turned the tide! Well done!

Erik "Special K" Karlsson is comin'

The kids are starting to show up and it's nice to watch.

Foligno and Fish finally got one but just missed on a couple of others...we gotta leave Alfie with these guys!

Good sign the Hawks had trouble because for the most part we were able to skate with them...

Coaching issues...Volchy is a great D-man but should not be allowed to pinch...who is urging Campy to joint a PP rush when there is already one defenceman up and in the rush?

We know he's under a lot of pressure but Philippé has to get his head clear out there...his only shot on goal was on his own goal...he is going to the wrong/covered man on the PP every time...goes up the boards all the time instead of going cross ice on the break out once in a while. I think the "Pup" carried him tonight!

The "Black Hawks!"

We may see the back up...Cristobal Huét!

Patrick Sharp got the big one in Detroit, he beat us by himself the last time here...even with all their firepower ya gotta keep a eye on him!

The Chicago guys don't like Cam Barker (too slow for the money)but they like our Volchy, who wouldn't...and...and...they really like Alexandre Picard (speed!)maybe it's our boys who got it wrong...there is a reason that half of them are new...some of them old boys couldn't tell the difference between a northern plow horse and "Northern Dancer!"

The decision has been made by Bryan Murray, with everyone on his staff, that we go with Campy over Alex in the 5-6 pair..."there shall be no additions on DEFENCE"...this difference in speed and chemistry will show up in the play offs!...Big Time!

Brodeur will stare down a few today with his no move style, this shall be his Baptism of Fire!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nice pressure performance Brian!


Remember, Brian Elliott is under and has been under a lot more pressure than Mike...this could be good if they start to push each other! Pascal should get 3 weeks in the Sanatorium, I'm serious total rest!

Apparently Kuba was good...I still don't like him with one hand quarterbacking my Power Play...he missed a gimme on the PP when it still mattered!

I still think #45 and #39 are a better 5-6 pair...Campy may be better all around than Alex but Chris, you cannot keep giving it back to Carks in your own are the break out guy!

If I'm Zach I run over #41 in the Parking Lot...Joke!

Saw the Black Hawks in here the last time...Patrick Sharp...long night for #24 & #4...could be Brodeur's new look may bother them!

PS: Ya gotta play the money...#17 @ $4 mill...28 shifts/plus 1 is the third star! #45 @ 800K...31 shifts/plus 1 gets the hook...Picard was taken from the PP for missing a scoring chance...Kuba is excused because he can only feel one hand!

Pre Game thoughts!

If we somehow could move Cheech to the press box...ya give Foligno to Jason and Milan; ya get Alfie and Fish to cary Zach for a game or so @ top 6 minutes; that leaves Kovy's line in tack and Kelly and Ruutu get about 4 powerhouse lines.

Prefacing questions...why do Wilson Street (Sesame Street), that's Lloydy, Gordie and Brucie, have to answer there own questions with their thoughts and stats before they let CiCi or Eastwood or Bob McKenzie answer? It's an attempt to corner and foist your incorrect opinion on an expert! So stop's insulting to your audience and your guest!

"Head Shots!"...Patrice Cormier can't wait till he joins the Devils/NHL so he can half kill some kid and it's all legal!

PS: Just what we need Philippé trying to play against the Boston Bruins with one hand...give me a break!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Bruins @ the "Gardens!"

Bergeron will play!

With a two goal lead in the third, LA gets two 5 on 3's, to tie the game, Boston wants it's pound of flesh back...this does not look good for us!

Tim Thomas is standing tall again! (the Boston Blog) We are so due for this guy to fan on one it hurts!

Blake Wheeler, who ended his scoring drought against us is now leading the team on offence!

Chara has been looking for a fight since our game with them, Carks should jump him early, there is no fighting fair with Z, take him out of the game for whole first period. They are not so good with out him!

Note: This little bit of strategy leaves Lucic to Chris Neil???

Bruins now feel they are better than us and may just be ripe for the picking!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"The Captain!"


Kovy's 2nd line keeps 'em honest! move is your best move...great game! (Great stats!)

Big League shot for your first goal Zach!

I know we all love Philippé but if you win 2 in a row with our DEFENCE ya don't change 'em!

Zebra management...and we are going see the same thing in Boston...boy we're dirty on the road...give me a break!

"It's the Goalie!" Wilson puts Picard in the same boat as #14 & #65 tonight. Alex is +1 for 20 minutes ice time in the Bell Center, breaking the puck out for Carks and himself time after time. Wilson Street cannot see his value to Carkner and by the way Picard is statistically your third best D-man after #24 & #4. Note: 31 shifts tonight more than anyone on the team...Alex and Volchy!

Like to see Price...their back up!

Jacques Martin is he dull or just plain stupid..."Price!"

C'mon Alf...let's show them Bell Center fans what they love to see...that's you scoring!

Don't mind Picard sitting...the coaches love it but I do not like to see Kuba and Carkner paired...bad karma...bad chemistry...bad positioning, neither one of these guys are ever sure where they should be!

For you guys who don't understand my use of the term "pecking order" about "degree of status" or "status rank" all I know is that first line looks a hell of lot better with Alfie on it and Neil on the third line (watch 'em go tonight...Kelly has his full line again).

Brodeur should be playing up his French Canadian heritage, it just psychs out the Habs!

Foligno will score tonight...he just gets so much more room with Alfie out there!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Guess Eli's release made the difference...seriously that broke Lunqvist tonight, he will fade...

Brodeur...let's hope he can withstand the pressure for 1 more game because we are going to see Halak, who we make look like "the best of the business!"

Kovy...clutch!...and 9 shots on goal.

Campy in Kuba's role..."Superb!"

#4- 25 minutes...#24- 23 minutes...some with "Erik"...excellent!

I was wrong Carks has to fight often to be effective!

The "Pup" has "Pluck!" great come back game...he has done this before...

The call ups didn't look out of place...nice game!

Cheech is actually starting to hurt us...break out...back check...I think they are afraid to sit him, even for a game, as he may never make it back!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

If ya can't score, ya can't win!

To all you Goal tending experts if you don't score you will not win I don't care how good your goalie is...and the pressure you put him under is as seen...unendurable!

Ya know what makes me mad...I have nothing to watch for the next 40 games and I can't listen to "It's the goalie!" Wilson or read the "Cross Bar's" blog, I gave up on his column games ago!

Note: To add insult to injury "literally" the Power Play improved without Kuba!

Going to a Party tomorow will miss the game...first one this year...I shall not be alone!

Friday, January 8, 2010


A very good old Ottawa Goalie once told me: "A goalie is only as good as his defence!"

Been surrounded by goalies all my life, Pro Goalies, Team Canada Goalies, pro practice goalies...and they were all, a fighter jock,who flew Super Sabers in the 50s, probably the smartest man I've ever spoken with said: "It's the worst/loneliest job in the world, even other goalies can't help are totally on your own!"

The "Experts", who site Hasek or Miller or Thomas...these guys when they are really cookin' are part of 6 man units...believe it or not the Russians have been striving for this since the 1950's.

We have become a "Grave Yard" for goalies because we have made ourselves thus!

Wilson Street/the Cross Bar, with the exception of Eastie, have been over critical when they should not have been and now stand as part of the problem...I don't blame Pascal for swearing at you guys...there should have been more push back earlier to you media types trying to put words in CiCi's mouth or twist his observations to suit your story.

So we have two very good goalies who have both lost there confidence...thanks in part to you guys...I hope you feel good about yourselves because anyone who's played a little knows you guys over did it!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We may be "Tapped Out!"

The only high light of the game...Erik "The Pup" Karlsson looks like a National League defenceman, he had more poise than #17.

Kovy was nervous?

Fisher is in his mid-season coma!

Shannon's size is a factor against the big guys!

Leclaire has lost his confidence...this could be very bad for us...the guy who says he forgets better start forgetting his last two starts!

Cheech had one...coulda/shoulda had 3.

Regin and everyone else has to take it to the net...the Caps, the Hawks, Boston don't mess with it...someone is always going to the net!

This road trip may be the end of our team as we know it!

Today's NHL!

If you are a smaller guy and try to bully or foul your opponent that is an infraction and a penalty is called.

If you are a bigger guy and try to bully or foul your opponent there is no infraction because that's the way the NHL likes it and if you make extrieme money that makes you practically untouchable in many othe ways also.

So we take our courageous under weighted and under maned SENS Road team into Washington tonight to play Great "8", the newly minted Captain, with Semin and Green et al! Forgot Nik Backstom, he may be the best of the bunch!

#24 will bully Ovechkin...this is good!

Green comes late untouched...this is bad!

Saint-Pascal has to be the best goalie on this brutal ice!

Kovy has to show them who really is the best Russian in North America regardless of age!

Picard tells Carks...use me all the time on the break out!

Philippé tells the "Pup"...come all the way back to the front of the net and help me out...pick someone up!

This one is what they call a "Character Builder!" "Just win, Baby!"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Toughening Up!

The League is being allowed to "Toughen Up", the Officials are letting a lot more go...interference, stick work, "working" for position in front of the net, both ways, for the offence and the defence.

Against the bigger, better, elite teams, we simply are not strong enough, particularly on DEFENCE.

Wilson Street goes on about the goal tending...wake up! Look at the dangerous traffic in front of our, double deflections, open attackers, second and third rebounds...our guys never seem to have position on their guys! Then you have the clear break aways or the 2 and 3 on 1s...we don't have a Miller or a Thomas but even those guys would wilt behind our DEFENCE!

The reality is we are four (4) DEFENCEMEN short of a load! If our 3-4 pair was a stud pairing, Picard and Carkner could probably play 10-12 minutes against the 3rd-4th type lines but they don't they are playing 16-20 minutes a game, often against the second line...too much for your 5-6 pair. Erik "The Pup" Karlsson is a forward playing at defence and should have been converted like Alf when he showed some up side in Sweden years ago, he will not be a D-man in the NHL. Philippé Kuba, there is a reason he was available to us, people could not watch a man of his size and skill play that light every night...don`t kid yourself the attacking forwards know this also...Campy is OK but can`t help, he is just too small for defenceman in today`s NHL.

So Mr. Murray go out and get someone, maybe even two...for you sit at your peril...

And Gordie get off the goalies...they are what they are...your criticism is way over the top...and you are wrong so stop it!

Monday, January 4, 2010

"Zebra Mgmt!" Take Three.

It's Tuukka tonight in New York so we get Timmy in Ottawa.

Rangers get 4 straight power plays in the first period 'till they get a one (PP) goal lead.

The Big Bad Bruins, who seem to play perfectly clean against us are getting all that hooking and slashing out of their system tonight. Note: the Rangers only commit bench or flip the puck over the glass fouls at home! Note II a Ranger penalty killer just stole Chara's stick right out of his call according to the Boston announcer.

Bergeron hurt and back in...he 's all they got right now! He's out again for the night took a slapper on the wrist from Wideman!

Chara ordered up Satan (#81) from his Olympic Team...he's to play against us in Ottawa. No Lucic till later in the week I hope!

Redden just got smoked behind the Ranger net...Brashear had to go after the guy to defend #6.

Why is "Torts" in such a "knot" all the time? He's going to move ahead of the Habs into 7th place tonight...that's better than I picked 'em!

Thomas knew before the game "outside" that he was the "Yankee" goal tender. Let's hope it goes to his head...he's allowed but he is really starting to talk pretty "Big".

Getting back to the "Zebras" they have to protect Shannon and Kovy in particular because the Bruins will be snarly and Coach Julien, with Chara, can get stupid at times especially if he thinks he's going to get the calls his way against Ottawa.

CiCi, remember that "line change" delay...fake "time out" bullsh&t that Julien goes on with...get on the Zebras first shift!

Zebra one calls the Bruins with 6 to go to seal the deal but are foiled by a surprising Wheeler just tied it...the best laid plans of mice and men...

Higgins wins it!

"Big Time Players!

For all you small town "Big Time Experts" on Wilson Street...enjoy the ride!

Was lucky enough to have been thrown on the same line with elite hockey players a couple of times over many years playing...been paired (teamed) with the best player in the field (not Tiger)playing to catch footballs from a quarterback who's arm was good enough to pitch for the Cincinnati Reds..."Trust me, Kovy makes everyone better!" He makes you feel like you are the better the "Pup" light up when he's on the ice with Alex...#65 thinks he's "Rush Man" the play maker.

Alfie brings effort and skill...but he's out...Jason is good but is not a leader...Kovy's pure natural skill is on display every night scoring or not...that's leadership...we now know we are going to win the "Shoot Out!" Let's call it the "Fisher Effect!"

So enjoy Alex but let's start to acknowledge him!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ya just beat a big contender!

Like I told you guys, Kovy is so "Big Time" and so important to this team. I hope a lot of you "Experts" can finally see it!

Campy and Carks are a poor pairing, both -3 today, either bust 'em up or bench 'em!

Saint-Pascal didn't get many 3 goal leads with his old team but come on are not taking enough shots in practice...just like a pro golfer it's a thousand balls after an injury!

Kelly's line...lovin' it!

The "Pup" getting caught does not try to get back into the play but picks up a winger like a back checker! WTF showed or taught him that!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Broad Street!"

The Flyers should have beaten Boston and are playing pretty well again.

Briere missed a couple and will be looking to make up for it against us.

Philly will attempt to "Bully" the Pup, Erik, if we are going to dress him, play him with Carkner and let them play about 8 minutes each. Campy and Kuba might as well play 26 minutes just like #4 & #24.

If we are going to beat 'em it's in goal that is the difference!

CiCi quit trying to be a politician all the time...#26; #43, #27 was by far your best line at the end of the game the other night...Fish is a big boy he will do fine with #9; & #71. Cheech; Dono & Winchester are a good 4th line. And of course you have your first line of Kelly, Ruutu and Neil.

Generally we are not a great afternoon team so CiCi get out the "Fire and Brimstone" and have 'em ready to go for once!

Remember this is our home, no one takes any "Guff" cause you know they think they are tough on the "Road".

We are better than these guys!

The "Dreaded" half way mark!

Kovy is so "Big Time" and so important to this team a lot of you "small time experts" cannot see it...

Taking Picard from Carkner for any length of time shall be a catistrophic error! Plus we lose Carks as a functioning D-man!

For the Sun Commentor Expert...there is only two ways Regin/Shannon get top 6/PP minutes, either someone big gets hurt or you earn it...prior to our two big guys going down, everyone including you were ready to throw these guys out of the "Boat" but that's all water under the bridge now.

Saint-Pascal, you tease, guys who have seen him play a lot, say he has a much tighter game if he needs's time man give us all ya got!

#17 should come off the #1 PP, he's not contributing enough, he's lost his offencive confidence.

Winchester is a functional 4th line center, nothing more don't stress the kid...Cheech is a functional 4th line winger, nothing more give the man a break...he's done!

Kelly was the best forward on the team for the first half the season...remember he's not out there with Kovy, he out there trying to cover a big line carying Ruutu and Cheech.

#4 and #24 what can you say "A+".

Brian Elliott our second starting goalie...not bad!

I said seventh or better, now we just have to bury the Habs as the Leafs are done!

Imagine a forth line...#11; #19; #18!